R.J. Electronics, in conjunction with Crestone Products, Inc. provides closed-circuit high resolution color video systems for detailed underwater inspection in nuclear power plants. Radiation-tolerant color video systems are also available for use in radioactive waste storage tanks and for observation during decontamination operations.

CAMERAS: Cameras available from R.J. Electronics offer high resolution color, high light sensitivity, remote zoom, and automatic focus and iris control. Cameras are available in Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) for both in-air and underwater applications. For use in high radiation areas, cameras are equipped with internal shielding and special optics.

LIGHTS: Lights available for use with the color cameras offer small size, high intensity, good color balance, and easy decontamination when necessary. Versions are available for both in-air and underwater use. All lights operate on low voltage for safety.

PAN AND TILT UNITS: Pan and tilts are available to provide remote positioning for the cameras and lights. With small size and high torque, they are ideally suited for demanding underwater and in-air applications. All of the R.J. Electronics pan and tilts are equipped with low-voltage variable speed motors to allow the viewing systems to be rapidly moved into position, or slowly scanned during detailed high-magnification inspections. Units are available for general in-air and underwater use, as well as heavy-duty units for use with larger shielded camera systems.

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS: R.J. Electronics can provide complete integrated systems which include the camera, lights, and pan and tilt, as well as the necessary mounting hardware, interconnecting cable assembly, and controller. If necessary, video monitors and recording equipment can also be provided.

Closed-circuit underwater and in-air video systems for the nuclear industry

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