The PTE-100 is a compact, high torque pan and tilt which is ideally suited for demanding underwater and in-air applications.

Equipped with low voltage, variable speed motors, the pan and tilt scanning speed can be adjusted to match the camera system and task being performed. With a large speed range (approximately 0.30 RPM to 4.0 RPM), the camera and lights can be rapidly moved into position, or can be slowly scanned during detailed high magnification inspections.

The scan range for both axes is 360 degrees. When equipped with the YK-100 stainless steel yoke assembly, the tilt range is a full 180 degrees, allowing the camera to point from straight down to straight up with no interference due to the connector location.

The housing and external components are made of 300 series stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The unit is sealed for underwater use to 200 feet, and easy decontamination. Multiple bearings are used to support both the pan and tilt output shafts. Quad ring rotating shaft seals are used for high   sealing reliability.

With a torque rating of 6.25 foot pounds (75 inch pounds), the PTE-100 is very versatile, and can reliably handle a wide variety of camera and lighting packages.