The RCS-2030 system is designed for color video viewing in spaces which are accessible through horizontal access ports or through-wall tubes.

The RCS-2030 system includes a high resolution, high sensitivity, zoom color TV camera which incorporates a built-in LED ring for close-in viewing. After insertion into the viewing space, the camera viewing direction is controlled by two actuators, one for the pan motion and one for the tilt motion. All camera and actuator functions are controlled through a single main cable connector located on the rear of the assembly. Two tapped (#10-32) holes on each side of the pan actuator are provided for attachment to a carrier mechanism (not provided as part of the RCS-2030 system) for insertion into the viewing area. To minimize system weight, most of the system components except for the camera housing are fabricated of high strength anodized aluminum.

The RCS-3120W-LED camera has a large (216:1) zoom range (18:1 optical zoom with an additional 12:1 electronic zoom).  This zoom range provides a field of view range from 48 degrees to 2.8 degrees.